I’ve been using Learn CW Online to morse code and today I made my first contact!  I’d like to give a shout out to Larry, K9WPV, for his patience in sending very slooooowly  for me!  Thanks for my first CW contact.  The links below are some of the websites I’ve been using to learn the code. 

The key in the photo above was a Christmas present I picked out for myselft this year.  I was shopping at HRO and they had some very nice Vibroplex keys and paddles, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend the money.  I figure I’ll start with an inexpensive key and see how much I actually operate CW.  

I haven’t used the oscillator except for a few minutes on Christmas morning when I was annoying everyone in the house.  I prefer the monitor feature on my radio.  I can always remove the key from the MFJ-557 base and make a nicer stained-wood base later.