I had been trying to figure out how I want to run an amateur (ham) radio on my Dyna. I didn’t want a permanent installation so I decided to use a portable battery-powered radio. Here’s what I came up – the radio is connected via Bluetooth to my Sena 10a and I fabricated a remote push-to-talk button.

I decided on the dual band Yaesu FT3D because it has Bluetooth, GPS and APRS all built into the radio.  I took my helmet to Ham Radio Outlet and was able to connect their demo radio to the Sena 10a Bluetooth device in my helmet.  The push-to-talk button and four pin 3.5mm plugs were purchased on Amazon for less than $30.  I have worn the helmet with the radio connected via Bluetooth and made several QSO’s on local repeaters.  The FT3D has an adjustable mic gain and a couple of guys gave me favorable feedback on my audio quality.