Last weekend I participated in the ARRL DX SSB Phone contest  It was only my second contest, the first being Winter Field Day a few weeks prior.  I made a lot of QSO’s in many new countries – entities.  Well, a lot for me anyway.

Currently, I use as my main logbook.  I bought a 60% keyboard to keep on the desk in front of my HR rig so I can look up callsigns as I’m trying to break into pile-ups with my EFHW at 17 feet and 100 watts.


So I’m researching YouTube and Al Gore’s internet trying to figure out how to download my logbook and then convert it into Cabrillo format.  Thankfully, I was reviewing the ARRL’s contest website and noticed that I have to include the transmitting power of the stations I contacted.

I only wish I would have read the rules that closely BEFORE the contest so I knew I was going to need that information later.  Lesson learned…

total Number of Contacts during ARRL SSB Phone Contest

number of New entities contacted

number of contacts eligible for the contest