Before we departed for our six-month deployment, I convinced the ship’s MWR officer to buy the MARS shack a new HF rig.  It seems the Marine who would also use the MARS station wasn’t very skilled on tuning the finals and using the antenna tuner.  With the money from MWR I was able to purchase an HF radio, a VHF radio and a new VHF antenna. I installed our new Kenwood HF radio with the help of a local MARS operator. 

Its Always Easier to Ask for Forgiveness Than to Get Permission – Adm. Hopper

I was on duty in port in San Diego one evening and installed the VHF radio and vertical fiberglass antenna to the railing on the roof of the shack overlooking the flight deck.  A few days later a loud banging on the door of the shack had me staring down the grill of the Air Boss who wanted to know how the hell an antenna got installed above HIS flight deck!  I assured him it was quite secure and posed no hazard by climbing over the railing and hanging by the mast.  Once I explained the significance of the antenna, he allowed it to remain.